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Nextiva and RingCentral cloud phone solutions

At CCI, we sell and support Nextiva phone systems.  Nextiva has been in the VoIP phone system industry since its inception.  We use a cloud Nextiva system in-house, and regularly utilize its many features, as well as having employees answer phones from remote locations.


With a Nextiva VoIP phone system, you can stay connected no matter where you go.  All you need is either a “hard” phone, a traditional handset, typically for workers who work in one place offsite, or a “soft” phone, which is a piece of software that runs on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.  Anywhere that you can find either WiFi or a 4G connection, you can make and answer calls.


Our old phone system was aging and lacked the features needed for our growing business. We required a system that could connect our remote employees and mobile sales team in a way that was similar to having them in the same building. Using VoIP Technology has been crucial in providing a consistent and accurate customer experience from sales through support. Having a CCI Switchvox VoIP Phone System has enabled us to connect our remote offices plus transfer and initiate calls to and from our mobile devices seamlessly.

Jason Quinn, QTE Manufacturing Solutions

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