Network Security

Network Security is one of the most important, but often one of the most overlooked aspects of small businesses.  Our network security devices and policies ensure that our client’s networks are secure, while still being accessible to authorized users.  We have sold Cisco ASAs since their inception, and prior to them we sold the Cisco PIX.  We also sell and support the Untangle Network Security Appliance, which offers Intrusion Detection, Firewalling, VPN access, Content Filtering, and Protocol Filtering.


Our network security policies prevent things like weak passwords and unused, open accounts which account for the bulk of data breaches.  Our system monitoring software also scans for security breaches and failed login attempts.  Even the most secure firewall is useless if it is improperly configured.  We go the extra mile to make sure that is never the case.


Being in the Medical field, the demand for data security is a daily concern. CCI is always there to help us evaluate our policies, and procedures when performing our office and regulatory audits. They have enabled us to exceed the security requirements that are required to comply with Meaningful Use measures, which are critical in any medical practice. The Untangle device they installed gives our management the confidence that our data is secure and our employees have proper and appropriate job related internet access.

— Theresa Hammack, South County Urological

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