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Get a handle on your IT budget with CCI Managed IT


We deploy our management software behind the scenes, without need for a reboot.

In many cases, we’re already monitoring the same day the contract is signed.

Deploying over the network means that nothing is overlooked.  If it can get to the network, it gets added.



Is your email secure?  Are you sure that “confidential” email you sent didn’t end up in the wrong hands?  Or if you had to produce all of last year’s email in discovery, could you do it?  

CCI’s Managed IT can help you archive and secure existing or new email servers, or send the whole thing up to the cloud.


The only thing worse than a disaster at your building is knowing that your data, and your backups, were inside.

CCI’s Managed IT offerings ship your data backups up to the cloud, where they are safe from whatever may come to your building.


Are social networking services passing you by?  Are you making the most of your company’s potential by exploiting social media?  We can help you with that.

Social media can be a mixed blessing.  Are your employees spending a little too much time on Facebook?  We can help with that too.

We can help you use social media to your advantage.  Does your business have a Facebook page?  How about a twitter feed?  Little things like these can make a big difference in your online presence.
Don’t want your employees using to search for another job on your dime?  We don’t blame you.  Our filtering solutions keep employees focused on work, even when they take their company-owned notebooks home.


Knowing what you have, where it is and when you bought it is important information to have. CCI’s Managed IT agent tells you when assets are going past their life cycle or warranties are expiring.

Don’t be stuck having pay to replace parts in an old system just because the warranty expired the month before.

Keep track of all your hardware.  From computers to switches, hubs, and routers, we’ll monitor where it is and if it is in warranty, needs attention, or is just colleting dust.
We’ll keep track of all the software you have installed, and all of the licenses to run it.  Never worry about not being able to find a product key again.